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More like what doesn’t clog your drain, am I right? Beauty products, hair, dirt, grease, and food waste are all day-to-day culprits that can lead to blocked drains. At home you can help avoid build up by installing a drain catcher to catch physical debris. After that, a great way to address small clogs is by pouring a mixture of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar down your drains to loosen the build-up. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call in the drain cleaning professionals.

Low water pressure is an annoyingly common and annoyingly… well, annoying… problem that a lot of homeowners face. Here’s the 411: low water pressure is caused by a whole slew of different things, including but not limited to: malfunctioning shut off valves, clogged pipes, crimped water lines, or water meter allocation issues. While there’s no set reason why it happens, there is a set solution to fixing it: contact a professional who can point out the specific cause of your low pressure and, in turn, fix i

There are many reasons your faucet could be leaking. There could be a problem in the o ring, a small disc that holds the faucet handle in place and, if worn out, can cause leaking. There could be valve corrosion, problems with the washer, worn out seals, or general (and unfortunate) broken pipes or fittings. While this list of potential problems may seem daunting, they’re all problems that can be easily fixed by a proper plumbing expert.

Short answer: yes. Long answer: definitely yes. Hard water, in short, is water that contains an excessive quantity of dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, and so on. Soft water, on the other hand, is treated so harmful minerals don’t build up. For comparison, natural rainwater is soft, not hard. Hard water can cause considerable damage to plumbing fixtures, pipes, and the things water in your home touches such as laundry and even your skin. If you suspect you have a hard water problem, we recommend getting in touch with a professional to get it fixed before it causes any expensive, long-lasting damage to your plumbing. We’re sure you’ve noticed that the answers to most of these questions involves getting help from a certified professional. That’s because while at first many of these issues may seem inconsequential, they’re all capable of building up to become costly and disruptive plumbing problems. If you’ve noticed any of these annoyances in your home, we recommend getting in touch with our expert technicians at Miami 24/7 Plumbing to schedule a service and to get your situation fixed in no time.

YES, the water will be turned off for a brief time, depending on what the device serves.

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