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A Faucet is an exposed plumbing fitting that controls the flow of liquid from a pipe and serves as the regulator for the outlet of the liquid by opening and closing while a valve is a plumbing fitting that controls the flow of the liquid within the pipe. Having a faulty faucet or valve in the home or place of work is a headache for any person, so, therefore, there is always a need to fix or replace them when faulty as soon as possible.

Miami 24/7 plumbing is a plumbing company that is known throughout Miami and its environs to be competent, professionals, and experienced company in fixing and replacement of faucets and valves.



Faucets and ValvesFaucet Design types

Before calling us at Miami 24/7 plumbing, there is a need to first know the type of faucet designs you have in your homes or places of work. There are four basic types of faucet designs namely ball faucet (the handle is used to move a ball inside the faucet to control the movement of water, commonly used in the kitchen), Cartridge Faucet (a faucet that is controlled by a movable stem cartridge that when you turn the knob, moves up and down to control water flow), Disc faucet (a disc faucet have a handle on top of a wide cylindrical body. The disc faucet mixes hot and cold water inside a chamber. The disc rises and lowers to control the water flow when the temperature is adjusted by the rotation of the handle), and lastly is the compression washer Faucet (usually identified by their two handles and a tight rotating motion needed to stop the water flow. This type of faucet is old designs).

When to replace your faucet

A faucet replacement is not carried out only when the whole cartridge breaks down, a faucet also needs replacement when:

  • It continues leaking even when repaired constantly
  • When the counter surface or sink is damaged
  • When the efficiency of the faucet is low and you want a better one
  • If the faucet is very old or rusty
  • When you start seeing visible mineral deposits

The first thing to do when you have a faulty faucet is to turn off the main water supply source to avoid spillage and water wastage.

Valve Replacement

A valve stops and starts, reduces or increases, controls the direction of water flow within the pipe and it also relieves pressure in a pipe system. It does this with different parts working together. It has a body or shell which houses all other components like the stem, gland follower and packing, bonnet, wedge, and the seat ring.

Signs that show you need valve replacement

  • When you start noticing vibration in your pipe constantly
  • Noises inside pipes due to the valve breaking apart. This situation is termed water hammer
  • Valves leakages

When a faulty valve is not replaced quickly, it can lead to other problems like a pipe burst, backflow in the pipe, and spillage. It is advisable to call a professional plumber to replace your faucet and valves as soon as possible to prevent further problems and Miami 24/7 plumbing got you covered!

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